Ark Space in Ealing

Ark Space was established in 1998 as a resource for the local community. It is an area for people of all genres in Ealing and the surrounding areas to perform their talents and express themselves.
Ark was founded by Yousif Naser and Dalal Al-Mufti.
Since the conception of Ark, dozens of cultural activities have taken place in the venue: art exhibitions, musical performances, poetry readings, art workshops, lectures and discussions.

Clothing Alteration Course إعادة تفصيل وتعديل الملابس

Making something new out of your old clothes and textile
إستنباط الجديد والجميل من الملابس والاقمشة القديمة
10 October 2018 - Hassan Al Jarrah

إعادة تفصيل وتعديل الملابس إعادة تفصيل وتعديل الملابس Clothing Alteration Course

إستنباط الجديد والجميل من الملابس والاقمشة القديمة

مشغل من خمسة دروس بادارة مصممة ازياء محترفة
5 Sessions course
Every Saturday , Starting on 7/06/2014 between 17:00 - 20:00
كلاس خياَطي
توليد لباس جديد بااستفاده از لباسهاى قديمي وبارجه هاى قديمي
Please bring your own material and sewing machine with you
The course will be run by an experienced fashion designer
who will provide technical and practical help and support

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